Dial For Dollars

Dial For Dollars ~ Inbound & Outbound Phone Skills and Scripts.

You’ve heard “cold calling doesn’t work. It’s 2019, nobody cold calls anymore.” Because most leads are generated through social media, Linkedin, SEO, and other forms of online marketing, it is said, even publicized, that phone skills are not important anymore.

Well guess what? They lied to you.

The truth is, whether you are still smiling and dialing or using technology to help you generate leads, at some point you will have to pick up the phone and have a live conversation with someone in order to make a sale.

Our Dial for Dollars program is designed for sales professionals in all industries, small to large sales teams, and inbound and outbound call centers.

With seventeen years and well over 200,000 cold calls under her belt, Tania Cazin will help you up your phone success by increasing your ratio of returned phone calls, overcoming objections and fine tuning your appointment setting skills. Our proven techniques get you past gate-keepers and right to the decision makers. This moves you one step closer, quicker, to closing the sale.

“The #1 reason why professionals fail at mastering the art of cold calling and other phone skills is because they are not given the right script and taught how to execute it.” –Tania Cazin


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