YouTube Submissions

Do you have a sales question you want answered by an expert? Now is your chance!

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Submit your sales question by video in the form below and your video may be featured as the question of the day!


We want you and our viewers to get as much value out of this as possible. In order to do that, we have just a few guidelines for you to follow:


Please do:

•Landscape format (horizontal).
•Under “camera settings” select 4K or highest resolution.
•Submit Dropbox or Google Drive (no permissions needed) links only.
•Start with “Hi my name is….My question is…..”
•Be specific. Tell me a little bit about the situation.
•Clean, clear, steady, high resolution & great sounding video.

Please don’t:

•Don’t exceed 20-30 seconds.
•Do not mention/identify your product, service or company name.
•No company branding or any type of brand logo anywhere in video (because of copyright/trademark laws).
•No music in the background (because of copyright laws).
•No crude language, keep it clean!


Not sure how to ask your question? Email and we will help you format it!