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loyal, reliable, and hardworking.

You truly believe in what you are selling – right?  But no one else cares.  Ouch!  When was the last time you felt that way? Yesterday?  That sucks! Let’s change that.

It’s no secret that nothing happens without a sale.  The national average closing ratio is 33%. Is that good enough for you?  I hope not! If your sales team is not closing at least 80% of their sales, call us, we will help get them there.  Long selling cycles?  Let’s shorten those up!  Using a winged approach?  Tania’s 12-Step Stalwart Selling System™ is an easy to follow, scalable, turn-key “selling system” which ensures your maximum selling advantage over your competition.

We provide sales training and consulting services to clients in technology, advertising, financial, medical, retail, and other vertical markets, worldwide.  

Qualifying skills  –  questioning skills  – presentation design and development  – phone skills  –  call center training  – inbound/outbound call scripting  –  in-field training  –  complete buyer/seller process – social selling  –  networking skills  – trade show training and development… You need it?  We teach it!

Increase your closing ratio.  Shorten your sales cycle.  Boost your bottom line.  Sell more in less time. Let us help you get one step closer, quicker, to closing that sale!  Call 612-927-2044 or contact us here for your free twenty-minute consultation. 

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