Client Reviews

“After just one day of Tania’s training, my sales jumped 250% (in the first week!).  I sold more product than any of the other reps – including those who had been around a lot longer than I.”   ~Stacey, product-based booth

“After a couple weeks, my sales increased dramatically. Not only did I have my employer wondering what had changed, I increased my commission and paycheck. My sales grew 700%!  ~Elizabeth, Event Planning

Our partnership with Tania has increased sales by 400% and continues to grow every day. We couldn’t be happier!” ~Sundar, Finance and Credit Repair

“I feel revitalized!”  ~Michael, Software Solutions

“I closed 2 out of 3 loans, right out of the gate, with the customized script Tania wrote for me. Excellent training!”  ~Preston, Mortgages

“Tania has helped my company reach amazing success and I couldn’t be happier. Her drive and confidence is off the charts and I highly recommend her to anyone. Be prepared to let go and let her help you, her program is amazing.”   ~Brad, Advertising

“Tania used her systems and processes to extract the detail about each one of our offerings into a clear, concise format. She then helped us with some scripts as well as a couple of tools to help shorten our sales cycle.”  ~Ali, Technology

“We finally have an organized AND duplicatable sales process!”  ~Donnell, Finance & Credit Repair

“Tania gave me a full strategy on what to say, how to say it, and how to navigate difficult gatekeepers. It was amazing. I immediately saw my results change and everything she told me was 100% spot on. ~Justin, Marketing

“She brought great perspective, skills, industry knowledge, and overall engaging content and discussion to the event.”     ~Thang, Speaking Event